iBanking is a turnkey solution for intelligent banking

iBanking is a comprehensive solution for remote banking that includes online banking, mobile banking, and a personal finance portal. This simple and easy-to-use solution provides highly reliable reception, transmission, and processing of confidential data.

The main advantage of iBanking lies in its availability "at any time, from anywhere, from any device." With the help of our solution, banks can provide their customers with access to information using any convenient method: via the Internet, mobile phone, tablet, Call Center, or SMS.

The solution is based on best international practices. It is a fundamentally new interactive personalized portal with an adaptable interface that takes into account: what users want to see, which group they belong to, and what platforms they use to obtain access.

iBanking provides continuous processing and monitoring of traditional financial transactions, as well as reporting on the basis of the Web 2.0 platform. Different data groups within banking services and products are managed using widgets. In addition to improved financial modules and integration with heterogeneous systems, iBanking also allows you to collect and analyze data in order to create high-quality reports for marketing campaigns.

The system provides more than 200 built-in templates for financial transactions with individuals and legal entities, including current accounts in domestic and foreign currency, settlement accounts, custody accounts,  anonymous accounts in foreign currency, time deposits in domestic and foreign currency, cards (VISA, ECMS, DINA, American Express), virtual accounts, etc.

iBanking can easily be integrated into existing infrastructure, it also allows you to create user interfaces without recourse to the development team.

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