For successful business of any company is necessary to create the common information space within which will be exercised the complex corporate resources administration. This task requires the implementation of the informational systems fulfilling business processes controlling mechanisms at all levels of organizational structure of the company. 
ERP system creation (Enterprise Resource Planning) within the enterprise allows to solve in a complex all current business tasks considering branch specificity. The result of the successful ERP system project is global standardization of enterprise administrative operations, workflow automation and business effectivization.  
“Technoserv Consulting” carries out all range of works on development and integration of ERP systems from leading vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Performing the complex approach to the solution implementation, the specialists of the company warrant resulting effect — finished, complete, full-function solution for business.

Key success factor of ERP-projects realization by «Technoserv Consulting» is the correct choice of the industrial program-technological product, satisfying in the best way user requirements of the Russian enterprises.
ERP system implementation within the enterprise allow to obtain rather significant results:
  • to lower operational and administration costs up to 15 %
  • to save operating assets on 2 %
  • to reduce the realization cycle up to 25 %
  • to lower commercial costs on 35%
  • to reduce insurance levels of stock reserves up to 20%
  • to reduce the bill receivable on 12%
  • to increase the turnaround of cash resources in accounts up to 25%
  • to increase the turnaround of inventories up to 30%
  • to improve disposal of key assets up to 30%.