It’s not a secret, that nowadays each business to be successful must be client-centered, not product- or service-centered. The main success factor is the loyal customers. They are not only ready to employ your services, they are ready to recommend your company to their colleagues, partners and friends, they are ready to pay more. Therefore one of primary tasks of each company is to have full information about its customers and can correctly operate with it. This tasks are solved within customer relationship management systems – CRM systems (Customer Relarionship Managment). CRM system allows the enterprises to optimize the customer relationship process, to create effective mechanism of marketing, sales and service management, and also to solve a range of fundamental questions, in particular to create the uniform source of client information, optimize the work of sales departments, to perform cross-sell/up-sell within all client base and many other things.

“Technoserv Consulting” offers CRM systems implementation of leading software manufacturers Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Sage, which allow to optimize relations with customers in almost any industry and company of any size.

Experience of numerous projects shows, that the solution of even basic tasks in the area of client service automation allows to reach following figures:

  • reduction of sales cycle average on 10-15% and increase the percent of gained bargains on 5-10%
  • time reduction on routine on 25-30%
  • increase of average sale profitability on 15-20%
  • accuracy increase of sales forecasting up to 99%
  • cost reduction on sales, marketing and further support of clients on 10-30%
  • increase of cross-sales, particularly through the client support department on 5-10%
  • effectivization of marketing campaigns on 5-7%