Business Rules Management is a methodology for creation, maintenance, and placement of rule-based decision-making services.

In traditional IT systems that do not use BRMS (Business Rules Management System), business rules are placed in different applications that are managed and maintained by IT staff. Business logic is incorporated in technical code that only IT professionals can work with, greatly complicating the ability of business users to understand it. Even the slightest change requires reconfiguring the entire IT cycle; very often it is a lengthy process that negatively affects business users.

BRMSs use another approach to solve this problem. A company's business rules are treated as assets that are managed throughout their life cycle. Such an approach involves the use of the following strategies, which are completely different from the ones used in the traditional approach:

§    separating business rules from technical code and placing them in a centralized rule repository;

§    business users can make changes themselves.

A BRMS allows you to easily and flexibly automate the decision-making logic within your business processes. This easy to operate solution allows for efficient joint activities of business users and IT professionals, while ensuring unparalleled performance when processing large amounts of data. The advantages of the BRMS arise from improving existing applications rather than replacing them.

The accessibility of rules allows business users to quickly make changes without resorting to slow IT cycles. Consequences: higher business flexibility, faster response to market dynamics, new opportunities for customers. This approach contributes to business development and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

One of the main advantages of BRMS is that it provides the foundation for efficient replicable solutions that work faster and require less technical support. Unlike transactional systems that store only historical data, BRMS stores a complete history of changes made to the business logic.

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