Markets with high levels of competition and frequent changes in the assortment of goods and services (telecommunications, banking, insurance, etc.) are characterized by frequent changes in business processes that require the quickest and the most effective response. BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) is a class of systems that allow you to implement a process approach to managing your company's activities, as well as to automate business processes and quickly make changes to them. These systems help eliminate functional barriers resulting from lack of coordination among enterprise applications and business units, and refocus the company's activities in order to achieve strategic objectives.

BPM systems are also necessary for organizations (such as government agencies) with unique processes that cannot be automated using other systems available on the market. BPM systems are also used by energy companies, healthcare institutions, industrial enterprises, and retailers.

One of the key benefits of BPM systems is that business users can actively participate in the improvement of processes with the help of intuitive and easy to use tools. Thus, it is possible to ensure active interaction between IT and business users within a unified, model-driven development environment.

ВРМSs do not compete with accounting systems, but rather complement them in order to improve overall efficiency. They can integrate all other systems (CRM, ERP, etc.). In other words, various processes become one, and they become more efficient to use. In addition, these systems allow you to automate production processes that cover all functional units. 

Technoserv Consulting works with large corporate clients. Processes in such complex and large-scale companies repeatedly intersect and quickly change depending on various factors: the market situation, changes in the internal organizational structure, external business connections, new regulations, staff turnover, etc. BPM systems are able to respond flexibly to all these changes, provide convenient tools for modeling, optimizing, and improving business processes, and allow you to stay competitive and greatly improve efficiency.

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