Business Intelligence (BI) is a wide notion determining approach to getting and analyses of business information. BI solutions are developed for business dealing in conditions of intense competition and changing economic environment when decision making must be as promptly as possible and take into account the bulk information.

“Technoserv Consulting” has besides ready analytical applications also wide experience in the field of business requirements to BI systems, development of integral data structure and choice the criteria for making decision on processes, which support successful use of BI technologies. Nowadays Business Intelligence is the irreplaceable instrument increasing an overall performance of bank and ensuring optimization and efficiency of business processes.

“Technoserv Consulting” offers BI platforms of leading vendors SAP, Oracle and Informatica.

“Technoserv Consulting” realizes within the BI systems implementation:

  • implementation of BI systems on the basis of data storages
  • planning and budgeting systems implementation
  • strategic management support systems implementation
  • implementation of key performance indicators monitoring systems
  • data mining systems implementation
  • development of different repots
  • data integration from variety sources and creation of the uniform bank business model
  • dashboards forming
  • implementation of analytical reporting toolkit
  • analysis and segmentation of client base.