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Services Oracle SAP Sage EMC TSC Informatica Microsoft
Customer relationship managementOracle Siebel CRMSAP CRMSalesLogix   Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Retail salesOracle Siebel CRMSAP CRM     
Corporate salesOracle Siebel CRMSAP CRMSalesLogix   Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Campaign managementOracle Siebel CRMSAP CRM  TSC Campaign Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Customer serviceOracle Siebel CRMSAP CRMSalesLogix   Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Contact centreOracle Siebel CRMSAP CRM  TSC Call Centre Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Clients outflow managementOracle Siebel CRM      
Loan Approval TrackingOracle Siebel CRMSAP CRMSalesLogix TSC Loan Origination Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Loyalty programsOracle Siebel LoyaltySAP Loyalty     
Product factoryOracle Siebel CRM      
Debt CollectionsTSC Collections Siebel Solition   TSC Collection TSC Collections Microsoft
Unified front office of the bank    TSC Retail  
Electronic commerceOracle Siebel eCommerce      
Partners relationship managementOracle Siebel PRM      
Lease of CRM solutions (CRM On Demand)CRM On Demand     Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Cleaning, verification and deduplacation of the customer dataOracle MDMSAP MDM   Informatica Identity Resolution, Informatica Data Quality 
ReportingOracle BISAP BI/BW     
Forming of consolidated accounting reports in JSC Russian Railways       
The automated system Consolidated reporting JSC Russian Railways       
System of data visualization in Consolidated reporting system JSC Russian Railways       
Automation of investigative activities for various power ministries       
The automated system of analytical reporting for FMS RF       
Engineering service management of gas compressor station       
System of internal docflow        
Geographic information system (GIS) TOY GIS       
System of objects automatic identification (RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification)       
OLAP system TechAS       
Integrated Resource ManagementOracle E-business SuiteSAP ERP     
Integrated manufacture managementOracle E-business SuiteSAP SFC     
Human resource management SAP HCM  TSC HR  
Administrative activity SAP     
Financial administration and budgetary control SAP FI  TSC Budget  
Logistics network management SAP SRM     
Supply Chain Management SAP LO     
Enterprise asset and repair management SAP PM     
Integrated urban system of advertising control    iMACS  
Informational support of health facilities SAP IS-H  TSC MED  
Electronic docflow   EMC Documentum   
Electronic archives creation   EMC Documentum   
Docflow automation   EMC Documentum   
Financial budgetingOracle BI SAP BI/BW     
Data MiningOracle BI SAP BI/BW     
Real Time Decision (RTD)Oracle BI SAP BI/BW     
Regulatory bank reporting SAP Bank Analyzer     

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