Customer Relationship Management

Good relations with clients are important now more than ever. It is competitive advantage for any company. Services “Technoserv Consulting” allow to optimize all processes of interaction with clients in the company, including sales level increase, optimization of client business processes and improvement of servicing through the preservation of the client information and relations story with them. All aims in the field of client relationships management are solving within CRM-systems. CRM system allows the enterprises to optimize process of communication with clients, to create the effective mechanism of marketing, sales and service management, and also to solve a number of fundamental questions of customer retention and acquisition. CRM systems have wide functionality and almost infinite scaling feature.

The list of referral services:
  • Retail sales
  • Corporate sales
  • Campaign management
  • Customer service
  • Contact centre
  • Loyalty programs
  • Debt Collections
  • Partners relationship management
  • Lease of CRM solutions (CRM On Demand)
  • Cleaning, verification and deduplacation of the customer data
  • Reporting

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