Business Intelligence

The majority of the large companies understood that the huge volume of cumulated transactional data is one of competitive advantages. However realization of this advantage is impossible without Business Intelligence (BI) technologies which help to transform the data to knowledge which will form a basis for correct and effective administrative decisions of any level.

BI-systems unite the data from internal and external sources, generate the analytical information on their basis. Therefore Business Intelligence approach allows to create quickly multidimensional reports, to analyze key performance indicators (KPI), to build forecasts and to form budgets of divisions and many other things.

BI systems are interesting first of all to immediate supervisors of enterprise. Also they can be interesting to functional divisions (financial department, analytical department, marketing or IT department, etc.).

Besides ready analytical applications “Technoserv Consulting” also has a wide experience in the field of business requests to analytical systems. As of today Business Intelligence is the irreplaceable instrument increasing an overall performance of bank and ensuring optimization and efficiency of business processes.

The list of referral services:
  • Financial budgeting
  • Data Mining
  • Real Time Decision (RTD)
  • Regulatory bank reporting

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