Business Rules Management

All successful organizations are flexible: they can adapt quickly to changes related to market conditions, actions of competitors, and regulatory requirements. Flexibility is heavily dependent on the speed of making changes in business rules that govern a company's activities.

Organizations use a variety of methods to manage business rules: from paper documents to spreadsheets and databases. Business rules are based on a company's goals and mission, as well as on external functional limitations; they determine exactly what the company may, should, and should not do. Enterprise business rules describe the operations, definitions, and limitations used by the company, they usually contain:

§   a set of business policies that constitute the business logic,

§   limitations and regulations that must be taken into account,

§   complex processes and process flows that determine the procedures required to achieve the desired business results.

The ever-increasing number of rules is not the only difficulty. The main problem is that it is frequently necessary to make changes to these rules. To maximize the efficiency of an organization, increase the productivity of its employees, and improve the quality of actions that are performed repeatedly during the day, it is necessary to automate decision-making using the Business Rule Management (BRM) system. The system allows companies to make faster changes in end-to-end processes, accelerate the implementation of new services, flexibly create personalized suggestions, as well as to:

§   significantly accelerate changes,

§   simplify the management of decision making and ensure transparency by using a single repository of business rules,

§   provide business users with an ability to modify business rules and limitations using intuitive language,

§   automate operational decisions both for business processes and applications,

§   make decisions more efficiently by identifying opportunities and risks in real time,

§   give accurate responses to rapidly changing decisions in the context of an individual process or transaction.

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