Master Data Management

Increased demand for dynamic and transparent business processes, as well as for real time accounting, requires well-structured, high-quality, reliable data. Information management is essential for a successful business.

Master Data Management (MDM) systems are designed to provide a holistic view of the main components of business solutions, as well as to solve these problems. Master data is the main business data, which provides a foundation for making business decisions. Master data is used in all key processes and by all of the company's information systems. On average, 15% of the total volume of data belongs to this category. The purpose of master data management is to collect, aggregate, transform, and merge master data while ensuring the quality and consistency of information.

MDM provides all business units with access to the same relevant data, while helping them to make better decisions.

Master Data Management solutions are of significant importance for any company, they represent one of the most important trends in the field of IT.

Potential benefits from implementing MDM

§    Reduced operating costs

§    Increased business agility

§    Full compliance and reduced risk

Sales growth

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