Business Process Management

The activities of a company are traditionally considered from the standpoint of functional units, each of which uses autonomous software. In today's large enterprises, many structural units are responsible for the final product or service, and stand-alone enterprise systems impede the process approach, by reducing all the activities of the enterprise to mere sets of business processes.

The ВРМ system helps companies become more efficient and flexible, as well as adapt quickly to ever-changing external conditions, customer requirements, and market trends. BPM enables the most efficient interaction between business users and IT professionals, as well as the continuous improvement and transparency of business processes. The main advantage of BPM is the ability to get more done at a higher quality with less effort. The methodology provides executives with new business management tools that help them to respond rapidly to changes in key performance indicators.

For several years, Technoserv Consulting has been actively developing business process management solutions and services, and during this time the company has successfully implemented some of the largest BPM projects in Russia. The company plays the leading role in the Russian BPM market due to, among other things, partnering with the world's leading BPM vendors, which is key to successful implementation and development of projects for the customers.

The process approach is indissolubly tied to integration of corporate information systems using SOA.

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