Electronic Commerce

E-business is defined by transformation of key business processes through implementation of Internet technologies. The purpose of this transformation is to increase the efficiency of a company, primarily due to improved interactions with customers. E-commerce includes all transactions made ​​via the network, if at the end of these transactions there is a transfer of right of ownership to goods or services. These transactions include operations with banking and insurance products, interactive investments, operations with currency and securities, sale of information, tourist services, and consumer goods. In addition, there is a consistent trend towards introducing new areas of activity: new online services that are governed solely by market demand.

1.   According to statistics provided by the Profi Online Research analytical firm, over 80% of Russian consumers have purchased something online at least once.

2.   In 2011, the Russian e-commerce market was valued at $13 billion, and by 2014 it will increase to $25 billion. (Source: "Predprenimatel.ru", 2012).

3.   In the next five years, e-commerce will grow at a rate of 10-15% (according to an analytical review by J'son & Partners Consulting, 2012).

Online platforms are efficient modern means of communicating with customers, they help promote and sell various services via the Internet. High-quality remote services allow management from anywhere and at any time. They not only reduce costs, but also allow companies to get closer to their customers by helping them save time spent on searching, selection, payment, and delivery of purchases.

Electronic banking plays an important role in the development of the financial sector. It is an efficient tool to communicate with the bank, which includes online banking, mobile banking, and a personal finance portal that provides high-quality banking services. Electronic banking is also important from the standpoint of developing a relationship with each customer: it enables accumulation of information about his/her needs and allows you to get a holistic view of the situation to make timely and interesting offers in order to improve services.

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