“Technoserv Consulting” is founded in 2009 through the unification of Sputnik Labs company and consulting practices of Technoserv and "Reksoft".

The basic business scope of Technoserv Consulting is the realization of the consulting projects directed on the activity effectivization of the largest financial, telecommunication, transport, industrial and state organisations, and also force structures and trade retail chains.

Tehnoserv Consulting consolidates expertise in the field of administrative consulting and implementation of the business applications covering all functioning and management levels of the modern enterprise.

Deep expertise and the long-term experience allows Technoserv Consulting to offer the comprehensive approach to the the clients aims, and to form effective decisions from working out the development strategy of business to the implementation of the systems automating all aspects of companies business.

Technoserv Consulting is a member of New Frontier Group since 2012. New Frontier Group is a leading IT services provider in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond and operates worldwide with direct subsidiaries in 17 countries. The company’s wide portfolio ranges from consulting services, integration of comprehensive IT solutions, to own IP products and services. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Main business lines:
Complete service package in the area of business- and IT-consulting, including consultation services in the field of business controllability increase, acceleration and optimisation of working processes and organizational structure, effectiveness of staff management, strategic planning.
Creation of complex enterprise resources planning systems (ERP) and automation of business processes of any level: finance and accounts department, administrative activity, the account and development of staff, production planning, management of costs and product life cycle.
Optimisation of customer relationship management (CRM), working out effective mechanisms of marketing and sales (up/cross-sale) controlling, creation of loyalty programs, working out business strategies in the field of client relations, increase of the clients life cycle.
Integration of the diverse information within the uniform and complete business processes, creation of the uniform information field for all types of documents, including complex automation of docflow and business processes management.
Implementation of practical business analytic decisions for the comprehensive and multidimensional analysis of a large data quantity (financial, statistical, operational, etc.), fast reception of the uniform and consolidated reports, including visualisation and structurization of any information types.
Creation of unique software products and ready-made decisions, capable to automate non-standard business processes of clients, to integrate existing information systems.

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